Our Service

Shareholder Consulting

Stakeholder Survey

Proxy advisory

Understand the thoughts of the current critical stakeholders (e.g. major shareholders, founding family, employees, customers, local communities) through surveys and cultivate a relationship building strategy

Analysis of Voting Right Execution

By means of conducting individual surveys on shareholders, we aim to estimate the number of votes with accuracy. Our forecast result hitting rate of any proposal’s approval/rejection analysis is nearly 100% based on our track record

Rather than simply estimating the number of votes from the past results of voting right execution, we aim to offer a more detailed and accurate estimate on the number by conducting additional surveys on individual shareholders whose number of shares reach/surpass a certain proportion

Based on QuestHub’s track record to date, it is proven that almost all almost all of forecasts of approval/rejection ratio have been accurate; its percentage deviation remains within a margin of error

We can also forecast any occurrence of voting right execution by using an external database, without using the shareholder registry

Increasing Voter Turnout of Voting Right Execution

We can increase voter turnout of voting right execution significantly by sending questionnaire to shareholders, better provision of information, and other

Backdrop & Purpose

As the voter turnout rate of voting right execution remains low, there are fewer opportunities to communicate with shareholders

We aim to gather feedback from the target company’s shareholders including opinions on its current structure of inverter relations and to reflect them in its med-term management plan

Survey & Questionnaire

We provide a comprehensive service which comprises creation, delivering, collection / data aggregation, and analysis of questionnaire

Conduct the shareholder registry maintenance based on the contents of questionnaire

A quantitative analysis on opinions of shareholders regarding mid-term management plan, dividends, investor relations, etc. for the purpose of formulating a plan for improvement


Increasing the response rates of surveys

The occurrence ratio of voting right execution in annual general meetings of shareholders has increased significantly, after we sent questionnaire to shareholders

A listening attitude and approach to a wide range of opinions from shareholders has caused a buzz among social networking services and other

Proxy Fight &
Shareholder Meeting Support

Proxy Advisory

A comprehensive support which comprises creation, delivering, collection, and data aggregation of proxy statements/shareholder documents

Collection of Proxy Statements


Analysis of Voting Right Execution

Provide an estimate of the number of votes of voting right execution based on the result of surveys conducted prior to the meeting


Communicating with Major Shareholders and Collection of Proxy Statements

Based on our thorough investigation on who substantial shareholders/investors are and analysis on behavior of key stakeholders, we begin to communicate with them


Creation and Delivery of Shareholder Documents

Aim to win a majority vote for the company’s proposal by delivering letters and explanatory documents to shareholders


Implementation of Dedicated Call Center

Communicating with individual shareholders on the phone


Support for Shareholder Meeting

Creation of a list of expected questions and answers, preparation against an unexpected motion proposal on the Meeting day, etc.

PR Support


Investigation on Retail Investors’ Behavior

Based on analysis on posts by retail investors within social media platforms such as Twitter, we offer prediction of retail investors’ behavior and help to identify who the influencers (the source of information) are


Support for Official Announcement and Press Releases

Provide support for publishing and managing dedicated web site / provide support for central management of outbound information including official corporate announcement, press releases, etc.


Digital Marketing

Encourage voting right execution by maximizing the number of visitors browsing dedicated websites and by raising public attention as much as possible

Post banner ads on Kabutan and other websites, which retail investors highly visit and rely on

Orientation to influential retail investors to generate adequate public attention on Twitter (we do not force / pay anything to them on making contact)


PR Activities and Major Media Reception

Support publication of articles by use of orientation programs for journalists of financial, weekly, and informational magazines

Our works

Proxy FightReal Estate (listed: market cap 10 – 100 billion yen)
Manufacturing (listed: market cap 10 billion yen or less)
Pharmaceutical (listed: market cap 10 billion yen or less)
Manufacturing (listed: market cap 10 – 100 billion yen)
PR Support
Comprehensive Support
Comprehensive Support
PR Support
Negotiation with Certain StakeholdersManufacturing (listed: market cap 10 – 100 billion yen)
Food (listed: market cap 100 billion yen or more)
Comprehensive Support
Selection of outside Directors and other corporate governance support
Other Countermeasures for Corporate / Risk ControlEntertainment (unlisted)
Manufacturing (listed: market cap 500 billion yen or more)
Media (listed: market cap 10 – 100 billion yen)
IT (listed: market cap 10 – 100 billion yen)
PR Support
Comprehensive Support
Survey Support
Survey Support

Support for ESG investments

Enhanced disclosure
Mid-term management plan / integrated report / materials for financial results briefing

Communication support
Market alignment
Quarterly investor relations briefing / financial results briefing / retail investor briefing

Identification of hidden ESG risk and establishment of countermeasures
Defining factors that constitute materiality / enhanced disclosure of ESG criteria


Diagnostic Phase

What we do
Identification of Shareholder
  • Utilization of databases
  • Utilization of client’s shareholder registry and informative notes taken in investor relation meetings
Investor Perception Study
  • 5 institutions (domestic)
  • 2 to 5 institutions (overseas)
  • 10 retail investors (domestic)
What can be achieved
  • Realities of shareholders who actually own client’s shares
  • Perspective/opinions of institutional/retail investors about client
  • Reasons for buying / not buying
  • How they evaluate current pricing of client’s stock price


Investor Relations Strategy Formulation Phase

What we do
Create equity stories and formulate plans to improve valuation multiples
  • Define stock target price
  • Configure valuation multiples based on stock target price and financial performance target
  • Configure benchmarking method and Comparable Company Analysis (Comps) parameter based on back-calculation of multiples (including clarification of segments)
  • Predict/configure stock catalysts
What can be achieved
  • Equity stories (on stock target price, we offer specific stories for the purpose of persuading investors)
  • Plans to improve valuation multiples (on stock target price, we offer specific plans for which multiples to be targeted/calculated and which company/industry to be selected for benchmarking)


Implementation Phase

What we do

Implementation of investor relations strategy
Preparation/creation of disclosure materials
Preparation/creation of press releases
Selection of partner(s) and negotiation
Support for creation of integrated reports
Support for creation of English disclosure materials
Support for formulation of mid-term management plans

What can be achieved
  • Disclosures (financial results briefing, press releases) and suitable partner(s) in order to achieve the equity stories

Our works

ESG AdvisoryMedia (listed: market cap 10 – 100 billion yen)
Conglomerate (listed: market cap above 50 billion yen)
Food (listed: market cap above 50 billion yen)
Real Estate (listed: market cap 10 – 100 billion yen) etc.
Comprehensive Support
Integrated report documentation support
Integrated report documentation support
Comprehensive Support