Our People

Shoya Okuma CEO
Shohya Ohkuma

Graduated from Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo. While as an undergraduate, Okuma engaged himself in journalistic activities focused on corporate governance and their misconducts and misdoings by means of writing articles in the Gendai Business and other internet magazines. Later he worked at Nippon Television Network and 3D Investment Partners before he co-founded QuestHub. He is an author of numerous articles associated to corporate governance published across different media entities including Reuters, Diamond Online, NewsPicks, and other. Lecturer and speaker on various themes of ESG / Shareholder activism(“Todai-Shiki: An Awesome Guide [How to Read Financial Statements]”, Fusosha Publishing Inc, and other publications).

Message from CEO
Shota Wada COO
Shota Wada

Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University. Wada worked at McKinsey & Company’s Tokyo and Southeast Asia offices whose task was to offer consulting service to propose M&A strategy, financial due diligence, and post-acquisition corporate performance improvement/selling plans mainly to private equity firms and leading manufacturers. After co-founding QuestHub, he was mainly engaged in a range of both small and large proxy related projects in Japan. Lecturer and speaker on various themes of ESG / Shareholder activism

Arihiro Kanda Outside Director
Arihiro Kanda
Outside Director

At Goldman Sachs, Kanda led the revival and expansion projects of golf courses as one of the founding members of Accordia Golf, and was appointed to its Managing Director in 2004. After serving as Director of Accordia Golf and President of PGM Holdings, he became Outside Director of QuestHub in 2019. In 2021, he assumed the position of Director (non-executive). He is also the Japanese representative of Brookfield Japan, one of the world’s major global investment funds whose managed assets reach into 60 trillion yen

Takumi Watanabe Executive Officer
Takumi Watanabe
Executive Officer

Graduated from Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University. Worked at Toyo Keizai Inc. prior to joining QuestHub. At Toyo Keizai, Watanabe published numerous articles in Japan Company Handbook (Kaisha Shikiho) and Weekly Toyo Keizai, and articles to other media entities and has interviewed various activist investors / funds. At QuestHub, he has been engaging in proxy related projects in general, including analysis on voting right execution. He has rare experience of advising shareholders meeting held and hosted by shareholders, which occurrence is very few in Japan