Message from CEO

QuestHub is a company whose mission aims at helping listed companies /companies seeking listings and institutional investors both in Japan and overseas to realize or generate their intrinsic shareholder value by means of providing consulting services regarding communication with their respective markets, mainly serving as a proxy advisory body

In 2018, I, Shohya Ohkuma was working at an investment firm and living in Singapore. There I got together with Shota Wada who was then working at a consulting firm and living in Jakarta. We shared a common goal that we wanted to explore a unique way to “exploit the full potential of latent Japanese companies within Japanese capital market, which is highly distorted and in which many of such companies remain extremely undervalued” through contemplation from an international perspective – later we decided to co-found QuestHub together

Since then, we have encountered many cases in our business in which miscommunication between shareholders and management led to increased cost of capital, thus undermining their corporate value. One of our core missions is to achieve the goal of “increased corporate value” which should have been a natural goal for both shareholders and management if spoken properly, by means of reducing unnecessary chain reactions of misunderstanding and state of alertness that arise from lack of understanding between both parties as much as possible

Also, we do not offer advices blindly from a “stockholder first” perspective. Our current corporate vision is founded on the corporate statement to “realize or generate intrinsic shareholder value while seeking what is best for all stakeholders”. It interprets our core mission to explore and help all parties to realize or actualize potential of shareholder value enhancement based on full understanding of respective circumstances of such stakeholders in relation to the target companies including not just their shareholders but also their employees, affiliate companies, clients, public opinions, founding family, governments, and local authorities to the greatest extent possible

Shohya Ohkuma

Chief Executive Officer

An author of the following publications:

Todai-Shiki: An Awesome Guide [How to Read Financial Statements]March 10th 2017

Todai “Sweatshop” Detective AgencyFebruary 23rd 2016

Shoya Okuma Chief Executive Officer