Message from CEO

QuestHub is a new company focused on Due Diligence and Corporate Communication which was founded in 2018 envisioned to “serve as a hub for building collaboration between diverse communities. Its foundation was triggered by an encounter of two men, Shoya Okuma, CEO, who worked for an investment fund and lived in Singapore at the time, and Shota Wada who worked for a consulting firm and lived in Jakarta. We knew we shared a common goal to find a way to “exploit the full potential of latent Japanese companies” through contemplation from an international perspective, and later became independent to found a new company, QuestHub.

QuestHub is developing businesses with strengths in Due Diligence business by the hands of professionals who have worked in consulting and auditing firms, in Public Relations that take advantage of the experience of those who worked in financial media, and in inbound/outbound marketing in collaboration with the foreign members from many countries.

In particular, we excel at providing all-inclusive supports for institutional investors and investment divisions of operating companies from Due Diligence check of their respective target companies to facilitation of communication with stakeholders. We have our own customer base in 4 international cities and in Japan as well.

In recent years, frictions between diverse communities have become noticeably more intense as we see in events like the deterioration of Japan-South Korea relations and US–China trade war. Even if it is limited to Japan, misunderstanding and prejudice stemming out of a digital divide between major cities such as Tokyo and smaller local cities have already resulted in uneven distribution of economic activities and loss of business opportunities.

We believe that such conflicts between different communities, that are inherently capable of collaboration, stem from a lack of proper understanding of and communication with strangers who are different from ourselves. Our mission is to enhance opportunities for potential collaboration in the worlds by means of revitalization and facilitation of communication between such diverse entities, mainly in the area of capital markets.

Shoya Okuma

Chief Executive Officer

An author of the following publications:

Todai-Shiki: An Awesome Guide [How to Read Financial Statements]March 10th 2017

Todai “Sweatshop” Detective AgencyFebruary 23rd 2016

Shoya Okuma Chief Executive Officer