Privacy Policy


QuestHub Co. Ltd. (the “Company”) shall comply with applicable law concerning personal information protection and seek to ensure appropriate management and usage of personal information of the Company’s clients and customers as well as any party involved in the Company’s operations in accordance with the policies set forth below.

第1条 個人情報の取得について

Article 1 Acquisition of Personal Information


The Company shall obtain personal information that is necessary for its operation by means that are fair and legally permissible.

第2条 個人情報の利用目的について

Article 2 Purpose of use of Personal Information


The Company shall use personal information in connection with the operations of the Company concerning analysis and commentary of corporate information, and any other activities ancillary to the foregoing, to the extent necessary for the below purposes, and the Company shall not use personal information for any other purposes as set forth below:

  • 企業情報の分析・提供業務を行うため。
  • Analyzing and preparing commentary to corporate information
  • 企業情報の分析・提供業務に必要となる情報収集を行うため。
  • Collecting information necessary for the purpose provided for in the preceding item
  • 法令等に照らしたサービスの提供の妥当性を判断するため。
  • Assessing and reviewing any fact or circumstance regarding whether the services the Company provides are appropriate in the light of applicable law
  • お客様の受け入れに伴う諸手続きを行うため。
  • Performing on-boarding procedures of the Company’s clients and customers
  • お客様との契約に基づく権利の行使及び義務の履行のため。
  • Exercising the Company’s entitlement or rights or performing its obligations under agreements with the Company’s client and customer
  • お客様との取引に関する事務・管理を行うため。
  • Making administrative arrangement in relation to dealings with the Company’s client and customer
  • 挨拶状、プレゼンテーション及びセミナーに関する情報、ニュースレターその他当社に関する通知を発送するため。
  • Sending, disseminating, forwarding or otherwise providing greetings, invitations to presentation or seminar, newsletters or other notices of announcement concerning the Company
  • 国内外の法令遵守並びに国内外の政府当局及び裁判所の要請に応じるため。
  • Complying with applicable law, in Japan or abroad, and responding to requests from governmental authorities or courts
  • 人材採用のため。
  • Hiring of personnel
  • その他、当社の業務を適切かつ円滑に遂行するため。
  • Performing the operation of the Company appropriately and/or efficiently

第3条 個人データの共同利用について

Article 3 Joint-usage of personal data


The personal data of the individual in charge at the client or customer, including his/her name and contact information, may be jointly used among the Company and the Company’s subsidiaries and affiliates which are consolidated with it pursuant to the equity method of accounting for use provided for in Article 2. The person in charge at the Company for this joint-usage is the Head of Compliance of the Company.

第4条 個人データ等の安全管理について

Article 4 Safe Management of Personal Data

  • 当社は、お客様の個人データが正確かつ最新の内容になるよう務め、これを安全に管理するために適切な措置を講じます。
  • The Company shall endeavor to maintain personal data of the Company’s clients and customers and to take appropriate measures to maintain the security of such data.
  • 法令に基づきその開示が義務づけられる等の正当な理由がない限り、お客様の個人データを、お客様の同意なしに、第三者へ提供することはありません。
  • The Company will not provide any personal data concerning any of the Company’s clients or customers to a third party without the individual’s consent.
  • 当社は、個人データへの不正なアクセス等及び個人情報の漏洩等を防止するため、個人データにアクセスできる者を権限のある役職員に限定する等必要と考えられる対策を講じます。
  • The Company shall put in place the measures deemed necessary for the purpose of preventing unauthorized disclosure of and/or unauthorized access to personal data, such as limiting the scope of directors, officers and employees allowed to access personal data to those duly authorized therefor.
  • 当社は、当社役職員に個人情報の保護を周知徹底させます。
  • The Company shall fully inform its staff of the importance of protection of personal information.
  • 当社の委託を受けてお客様の個人データの取扱い等を行う会社にも同様に適切な管理を行わせます。
  • The Company shall cause any delegate handling personal data concerning the Company’s clients and customers to take measures equivalent to those taken by of the Company with respect to such handling.

第5条 保有個人データに関するお客様からのお問い合わせ等について

Article 5 Inquiry regarding personal data possessed by the Company


The Company shall promptly respond to a request from an individual for disclosure, correction, suspension of usage or destruction of his/her personal data possessed by the Company upon confirmation of identity of such individual unless there is a particular reason to act to the contrary. Please contact the person identified in Section 7 for further information.

第6条 プライバシーポリシーの変更について

Article 6 Amendment of the public policy


This privacy policy is subject to change because of any amendment in law orotherwise.